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如何将学生报告卡打印成PDF文件 | How to Print the report to PDF

This is the PowerSchool Print Icon, Located in the Upper Right Corner of the Report Page 这是PowerSchool系统打印功能的图标,位于报告卡页面的右上角。

  • 苹果Mac OS X用户:打印PDF文件为系统内置功能,请使用Powerschool报告卡页面中的打印图标.
  • Windows 8.1 – Windows 10 用户: 微软Edge浏览器可以使用Powerschool页面中的打印图标将报告卡直接打印成PDF文件。
  • Windows 7 - Windows 10用户: 可以使用Google Chrome浏览器中的“打印”功能,将”目标打印机”修改为“另存为PDF”即可将页面打印为PDF。
  • With Apple OS X, PDF is built into the printing. You can using the PRINT Icon in Powerschool report card page.
  • On Windows 8.1 -Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Browser can print to PDF from the File Menu or Print Icon in Powerschool.
  • Google Chrome on Windows 7-10, they can Print to PDF from the File menu. The PDF printing is available under "Destination". Click "Change" to find the PDF option.